Morocco has a reputation for being one of the world’s leading honeypot sites for scenic designs and striking artwork. In September last year, my determination to find inspiration for a new range of fabric designs led me to Morocco for this very reason. Spending nearly a week in Marrakesh and then travelling to Essoaouira to spend six relaxing days by the ocean, I expected nothing less than an exotic experience of colours, fragrances and flavours; I was not disappointed. What I hadn’t expected was the truly magical atmosphere of souks and sunsets on Jemaa-el-Fna along with the great variety of landscapes across the country. I returned home bursting with ideas...


Bahia design

The design was inspired by the ever-present ceramic mosaics in the Bahia Palace in Marrakesh. Each mosaic was made of individually crafted, beautifully brightly coloured elements and put together to form creative 3D looking geometric patterns. Their elaborate designs, when looked at closely, involved a few cleverly arranged simple shapes.

Everyone who saw them seemed to fall in love with them, and I, like other tourists and natives alike, was filled with inspiration. In these Bahia designs, I have brought home the beauty of the palace in the form of fabric for your home.


Emberiza design

Little birds (house buntings) accompanied me wherever I ventured. In Morocco, the species is traditionally regarded as sacred and has become very tame, freely entering and feeding inside houses, shops and mosques. One would show up during breakfast in the riad courtyard (I spared him some little crumbs) and, when relaxing on the roof terrace after a long day of sightseeing, it would be sitting on the edge of a big ceramic bowl filled with water. They were present throughout the entire journey, from the Atlas Mountains to Essaouira’s beach. These birds inspired my new Emberiza designs, which offer a feeling of sacredness, freedom and tranquillity.

If you’d like to have Morocco-inspired fabric in your own home, you can purchase fabric runs displaying these designs here.


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